Sunday, July 3, 2011

Boozey Le Tour - Part 1-Kalimotxo

Over the next three weeks, I endeavour to drink the alcoholic beverages TDF teams' countries are known for....Thank goodness there's a few from the same country, or I'd need a new liver.

Tonight - I travel to Spain, specifically the Basque region.  Kalimotxo

Why the Basque region and not say start off with France? I can't think of a better way to honour a team with the potential to have the most influence on the peloton in the first week, crash wise, Euskatel Euskidi and especially at a time when they are probably their most nervous, just before the Team Time Trial.

Recently in the office, 20 something Ron said to colleague 21 year old Jack (not their real names) "tried your red wine and coke at my party the other night. Loved it." I'd never heard of it, however it made sense to me just like sangria. Another colleague Sue (also not her real name) was mortified. "You can't do that to red wine!!" Jack who knows his wine says "Well you obviously don't use a good quality wine. I used to drink this all the time in Spain, it's just like Sangria only with Coke."  Sue said "I spent a lot of time in Spain, I had lots of sangria but I never came across that," perhaps thinking this was something a 21 year old stumbled upon one night half conscious with nothing in the house but boxed wine and coke. "Well, did you go to the Basque region." "No" "That's where I drank it."

Since then I've wanted to try it. Here's more info from wikipedia and below a recipe I got from here.

Verdict - tastes a lot like Sangria.


red wine (it can be any kind, but I like to use a Spanish red, like Rioja)
lemon wedge, optional for garnish
  1. Place the ice in wine glass or goblet. Fill with red wine until about 2/3* full. Top with coke. If using, squeeze lemon and drop in. Stir with a straw, bar spoon, or finger. Enjoy!
Makes 1 drink.
*The proportions are totally up to you. If the drink tastes better with equal parts red wine and coke or 3/4 wine and 1/4 coke, make it that way.
Topa!! Bring on the TTT. 

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