Monday, June 13, 2011

A year's supply of bread-Shaftesbury Cycle Revival

It may not be the Kapelmuur but riders found the going just as hard. And to the rider who climbed up the fastest went the spoils - a year's supply of bread courtesty of Hovis.

The Gold Hill Honk is not only the noise you'd make if you saw Victoria Pendleton naked (or clothed) eating Hovis atop a hill but is also one of the two races at the inaugural Shaftesbury Cycle Revival.

The Honk saw 120 road and mountain bike riders sprint up Gold Hill, made famous by Ridley Scott's 1970s Hovis advert. In this advert, the kid pushes the bike up the hill, as did many today.

The other race, the Shaftesbury Shooter the website says is a "mixed terrain short course urban downhill event ideal for dirt or jump bikes - a downhill rig won't get round the corners."

I found out about this little gem of an event via tweep Paul Sloper.  He let me use some of his pics. From the looks of it, some took it a bit more seriously than others.

This probably would've been an even better story if I told you who won or if I could've found a shot of the winners with their novelty size bread. But indicative of how awful conditions were for the riders, Paul didn't hang around to find out who won either of the events. The event website also does not have the results yet, but stay tuned. For more of Paul's photos from today, click here, and to see his other shots, including from this year's Track Worlds, click here.

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