Saturday, June 18, 2011

#tdf133 - the Tour in 133 characters or less

Sometimes long and winding analysis is unneccessary. Short definitely seems sweeter if it means winning a prize and being part of the general Tour buzz.

I've been thinking for a while now of a feature for my blog where people contribute by summing up the stage or race of a major cycling event with a simple tweet. So I'm launching it in time for this year's TDF. To celebrate, I'm backing it up with some prizes.

Firslty though,  here's some examples that inspired me to think of this idea
"echelon bashfest in the desert" (@nicodonnell tweeted about a stage in last year's Tour of Qatar)
"Cunego's camera-moto driver is descending with poop-filled leather pants." (from @NYVC_snark_cast about the other day's stage of the Tour de Suisse - so, this one was more commentary not summary, but you get my drift as to what I'm looking for as this pretty much summed up that stage). 

Competition Details: 
Tweet your description after each stage of the Tour and use hashtag #tdf133.  That's 140 characters minus the hashtag topic. (You have to use the hastag or I won't see it. No @replies coz that gives u less characters unless you're super brief). You will need to tweet by the following times in your region (I hope I have got them kind of right):

Australian Eastern Standard Time - 12 noon of next day after the stage you're tweeting about
France part of the Continent - 4am of the next day after the stage you're tweeting about
UK - by 3am of the next day's after the stage you're tweeting about
America/Canada - East side - 10pm of the same day as the stage you're tweeting about (I think?)
America/Canada - West side - 7pm of the same day as the stage you're tweeting about

This time gives non European viewers who can't watch it live the chance to watch the highlights and tweet - and it falls at my lunch time so I can read them all.

A stage winner for every stage up until and including stage 19 will be announced on my blog about 4-5 hours later so you'll know the winner before the next stage (unless it's a rest day, but I'll still put it up the same time). Each stage winner goes into the final 19 and then it's up to the voters. Stages 20-21 will not be part of the comp as I want to give people enough time to look at the finalists' tweets and vote so the prize winners can be announced either on the final day or the day after (to be finalised).

Voting and voters prizes
Voting starts after the 19th stage and when the blog post is up for the 19 finalists.  All voters will go into the draw for prizes. Unfortunately, I'm not knowledgable enough to have voting/entry forms on this site, so you'll have to enter by emailing me at  UPDATE: you can vote by either emailing me, or also in the comments using your twitter url as an id - or other option there. Anonymous votes in the comments will not be counted. Voters will be put in a list and randomly selected.

Details of prizes are here.


  1. I was away when you posted this intially so it's a delayed "I'm in!".

  2. Permission to be confused, please.
    "All voters will go into the draw for prizes". So, you're eligible for a prize purely by voting for your favourite tweet? Surely the prizes are for the tweeters themselves? Or can you only vote if you've tweeted and are in the final 19? Which would mean 19 people voting for each other?
    Apologies if the answer is plain as day and I can't see it.
    If I can see the light in time, I'm in!