Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stepping off the (blogging) turbo

I recently had a few exciting - and in my opinion only, good - ideas recently about where I want to take my blog, changing the look etc,and what I want it to be.  But with some other stuff going on in life now and it unlikely to change soon it will be and is too much of a chore - I'm simply not enjoying blogging anymore. So,see ya later.

I might appear now and again at La Gazzetta Della Bici or at a posterous or tumblr site along with other writing if I ever feel in the mood. As I own a tourdecouch domain name I may rethink this in a few weeks,months,later in the year or for much longer but it's all too much for me right now. (or if I feel moved enough, post back on this one). 

I just want to write.  At the wrong time in my life,I can't handle all the other stuff that goes with this, and I don't want something that gives me enjoyment to make me feel bad about myself. 

Add to this some other things that I don't have the energy or time to not make me despondent - such as what appears to be the norm in some cycling circles/cycling media (all mediums).  It's foolish of me to think this "world" would be any different to others, but it appears there is no break from it all, wherever you turn.  No,it's not just the doping talk. It's self righteousness, arrogance,and laziness expressed as and taken as gospel. It's too hard not to also get caught up in it all and contribute to it. And it's becoming awfully hard to parody; there is simply too much material to keep up with. 

I thank all of you who regularly read the blog,told me you did,and gave me excellent regular feedback-constructive,positive or otherwise. I can see from the last few months worth of stats more people read my blog than I realised.  You who gave feedback though made me see it wasn't as awful as I thought. I also am astounded anyone (people I respect) referred me from their own sites. I thank you all too. An extra highlight this year was an ex elite tracky telling me my 'on the boards' piece gave her goosebumps. She should know,right?

I could be tempted to see this as a cop out or a failure.  But in coming to this decision, a quote from a mate and blogger will always make me think otherwise.  "I don’t believe in the art of suffering, because I don’t believe we cyclists suffer. We can always step off our bikes." 

See you when I get the passion back. 


  1. Sorry to see you go. I have enjoyed your writing greatly.
    Wishing you all the very best & talk to you soon.

  2. Good choice. You'll be missed, but none of us who enjoyed your blog would want you to slog along just because you felt you had to. Go. Focus on other stuff. Be happy. And hopefully come back later.

  3. Ah, that's a shame but as long as you keep riding all will be ok in the world!