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That's such Schleck*

BFFNR - Best friends forever no returns 

(Bettini on Cycling News site)

Schleck said last week about how the hug atop the mystical and romantic Tourmalet meant nothing and:

“I have my arm on his shoulder, but I am not doing anything. It was his way of saying, look, we are friends” 

Translation -

I couldn't help it, I couldn't fight him off, I didn't want his Spanish cooties.  Frank almost got them once, and he paid for it
So all these moments too were just for the camera and the sponsors?

As you can see, Andy's words hurt Alberto:

In response he said in a press conference this week:

" Oh Andy, you came and you bought me deep fried turkey...
   Oh Andy, how I wish you had brought me a turkey, on that rest day instead, I had beef-y"
(to the tune of this song )

But surely Schleck* is full of schleck and Schlecking us all? Like someone said this week in regards to this photo (I can't remember who, sorry if it was you and I haven't credited you) he managed to fight off this unwanted attention from a handsy fan.  This guy could take Alberto surely.


Was he just being polite to Specialized to give them photos until Schleck switched to Trek (but then August happened)?  How good are the words of the Schlecks? Who knows, they're always doing it, not just about Berty.

Andy Schleck on Sastre and his own performance in TDF 2008, January 17, 2011:
"Yeah he won the Tour once but the years before and after that he was far from the podium.It was a fluke year and he had good teammates and although he won't say it he won the Tour because of us."
Andy Schleck on Sastre and his own performance in TDF 2008, 23 July 2008
it’s been a good Tour so far and I showed also some weakness which some others didn’t and that’s why I’m so far down in the general classification now. But I’m optimistic and I’m really happy to finish third today here, on Alpe d’Huez. I mean, I think I showed something and nobody else could have followed Carlos today. He was incredibly strong and also really confident when he had to be. When he left us, nobody could really do anythin
Here's what they said about Cancellara signing with them in October 2010:

(from this quarter's RIDE mag)
"(on 19 October 2010) That day Andy Schleck told L'Equipe that Cancellara wasn't going to join his team "I think he's going to BMC," he said. Two and a half weeks later...the Schleck brothers reiterated that Cancellara hadn't signed, Frank added, "not yet".  
But this is what happened (also from the same RIDE article)
But, according to Le Quotidien du Luxembourg, Cancellara signed his contract in the morning of 22 September."
So maybe Andy doesn't mean it also when he said Contador really won in 2010?

Well, they weren't even straight with Jens. They said, Jens, we will give you a lovely new Leopard branded Trek like this:

But this is what they are making him ride instead:

Scarf wars

(Sorry for heavy on the Leppard this week, but they do give lots of material)

A fellow tweep, @brassyn again alerted me to the next episode of a new series, I fully credit Scarf Wars to her!

(from this website) 

Basso outscarves Andy. And looks like he's nicked it off his wife or some random middle aged lady.  Thor outscarves everyone by not wearing a scarf.

Frank outscarves Andy, and also remembers to do up his zip.

Contador before he was suspended, also got into the act:

and who could forget this shot across the bow last year

The Sword of Self Righteousness (and the Hit Squad of Talent)

Who knows what happened at Garmin or if the spin will ever be unspun. But what we do know is that JV and Dave Millar unleashed the Sword of Righteousness on the Hit Squad of Talent to make it even more pure. They are willing to sacrifice their bestie in their fight against doping, this on Cycling News

It’s like a hit squad with so many excellent guys here...My wife said this morning...‘you look like a proper cycling team’....but we’ve kept our spirit, our relaxed attitude and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’ve not gone corporate but we’ve got that global international level. Losing Whitey was horrible. He’s one of my best friends. It came as such a shock, it came at us hard and it’s going to affect us for a long time. He was such a loved figure in the team and so charismatic but you’ve got to move on and I think we’ve got a lot of good guys.”

(is it just me or does Millar's wife in that article implying she thought they were shit before Cervelo joined)

Stay tuned - is JV/DM really the Anti-doping Messiah, The One promised to come to us all and save cycling from itself?

The Pen (or Tape Recorder) of Self Righteousness 

Not if Kimmage gets there first.  Landis is HIS new bestie.  He was even the one who persuaded Landis to announce his retirement from cycling.  Listen to Kimmage being an objective journalist about Contador, Schleck and the UCI - he gets more and more objective as the interview goes on:

And you can find the transcript of the Landis/Kimmage interview here:

But it can be summed up in ten seconds by watching this:

* Schleck - according to Princeton can be a noun and a verb but means to talk through one's hat, speak insincerely without regard for facts or the truth.


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