Friday, January 21, 2011

That's So Couch - how leopard got its O back

Caption of at least the week - from Cycling News (thanks @brassyn for pointing this out)

"Is this Leopard Trek rider checking his radio or looking for his scarf?" Photo: © Sirotti

How the word leopard got its O Back
We all got schooled by a team who can speak English but can't tweet it real good - and the beacons of education, America (Trek - c'mon we've all seen series 4 of The Wire) about how us English speakers have been saying the word leopard incorrectly - for decades, if not centuries. Apparently we need to put the O back - oh yeah, and the a. Here's the background, in case you missed it. 

But was it an internal memo that leaked or an email to all media? I understand it was an internal memo that leaked.Pretentious yes, but Cycling Weekly/Cyclosport made it sound like leopard trek were demanding the media use this language, not that it was just internal branding guidelines. If an internal memo, Cycling Weekly/Cyclosport, that paragon of cycling journalism, Assange like just HAD TO leak it because we needed to know how pretentious leopard trek are  - not that the 36 hour launch/team presentation was a big hint. 

This from a mag that tweeted in July 2010 we could no longer use the word bidon or any other French cycling word. Lots of English speaking cyclists have been using those terms for probably just as long as they've been saying "leppard."  Pretentious?

Conspiracy theory or likely scenario for what's next re lance:
-Robbie McEwen stays in QLD after flying in Lance's jet for Twitter ride, Lance tells Anna he needs to fly quickly somewhere in Australia (or not far from Oz) but she should stay there, Lance's jet goes "missing", millions of people without cancer lose the will to live and to do charity work for cancer (well,without lance they can't,surely) still,donations and Lance love go thru the roof, investigation is called off, Lance and Wilson - the volleyball, not Owen - miraculously rescued. 

Well, obviously a conspiracy theory

-The investigation ends, there is a trial, he is jailed - for three months - but for years we hear from his followers etc, the words he uttered when the bracelets were slapped on him -A Few Good Men style "All you did was weaken the universe's fight against cancer today, you put people's lives in danger"  

- neither conspiracy theory or likely scenario, but that is pretty much many people's sentiments

-nothing happens at all and we all still have to suffer the hypocritical tweets of Lance boys who continue to say nasty things about other riders "rumoured" to be dopers but with far less evidence or suspicion.

likely scenario

Disappointment of the month -

Coming from a team containing riders who have worn matching kitschy suits/outfits with their wives and rivals, who define the word Euro - and with the name Leopard - the absence of Eurovision trash tastica at the Leopard Trek launch and spots on the kit depressed me for at least a week.

Ridiculousness of the week - everyone going on about how fat Cav is.  I'd like to be this fat - which even for a PRO is good for January:

 (from HTC-Highroad Facebook page)

Tweet(s) of the week - Mark Renshaw -
Cav just wants to go home to be with @ but he is stuck here looking at my ass

Cyclists/dopers/sports fans could all learn something from Keanu and Coca Cola:


  1. There was this caption too which I also liked:
    Evidently I find it quite hilarious, the Leopard Trek side story of 2011 is going to be the saga of the scarves. I know I know, easily amused (small minds and all that).

    In non-feline teasing, I don't think Cav is fat either. He's heavier for sure but we don't usually see him this early in the season and I'd be surprised to see him at his summer weight this early on. Even Andy Schleck is looking not so epically skinny for him. Although standing beside Brice Feillu would do that to anyone.

    Slight tangent: I don't hate any kits this year but you know those lovely overhead shots you get of the peloton in full flow? Not so bright and colourful with the kits this year which is a shame.

  2. Having been out of the LEE OH PARD loop, I laughed till I cried...are they for real?? Muhahahaha. Wankers.