Thursday, October 28, 2010

That's So Couch - Shut Up, Pussies

After an unhealthy triangular stoush this week between Simone Lemond, Watson and Armstrong, (summarized here if you missed it )  nobody still knows how or why “fool” appeared in the url.  Click here, and you find out who seems to still be involved in his biz.     Could they have had something to do with it?  Somebody this week said Gra Gra shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds him.  He quite clearly isn’t.   

Another person said after 34 years on the back of a moto, taking photos, he’s no mo fo and he has a right to his IMO. Good call.  After all, what is it Graham said “just a shame one cannot keep his mouth shut.” 

Before he died, Paul the Octopus was asked the question by Mike Rann “When can we stop paying Lance to come to SA to ride in the TDU?” Mike Rann then told Paul's prediction to his Tourism minister who didn't tell anyone at Estimates.  After Rann also asked Paul how long Lance would go to jail for, and how much longer would Rann’s government be in power, Paul began to look ill and before he died inked out the number 28. Months, years, alas, now we will never know, but either way, poor South Australia.   

Jeremy Hunt is off to Sky.  So is Pellizotti, apparently.  So is Michael Rogers, um, no he’s not.  After Wiggins', no I’m not, yes I am, I didn’t say that, oh, you have a tape, ok maybe I did, yes I am, not I’m not, events of last year, can Brailsford please spare us all? 

The “Sort of better than Sexybank” award for nicknames of teams – 1. Garvelo (can’t remember where i saw that one, but i didn't make it up) 2. Well, not so much a nickname, but it’s sure to catch on - see this blog post of Phil Gomes’ on SBS Cycling Central - after all the whining from the Schlecks at this year’s TDF, I can’t help thinking he was dying to use another word for cat.  Sure, they’ve got Jens and he’s tough, but even he got a bit uncharacteristically wussy this year complaining about the cobbles under the influence of the true cycling project posse. Shut up, Pussies?      

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  1. I'm sure Mike Rann must be sleeping with LA, or at least wishes he was.
    And what do you mean Rogers, um, no he's not? FFS?