Monday, July 5, 2010

Stage One - Carbon-ara

The 'sort of' Tour news round-up

 - Mechanics are said to be still out on the course untangling the carbon-ara from yesterday's crash 

- Many of the riders on twitter discuss what came first, crowds or the nerves?  Crazy crowds, nerves, crazy crowds, nerves.  They all bla...chose crowds.  Stage 1 of the tour, let's go with nerves, always there causing havoc in the first few stages.  

- HTC confirms Cav WAS in the briefing and was warned about the hairpin turn at the end. The team official said "but it's pointless trying to get him to listen while his head is stuck in all those historical books like the one  about Agincourt. He's crazy for that stuff."


"Read books Cav, history books...."

- After the crashes, many outlets, commentators and reporters seemed only concerned about non-Spanish speaking GC contenders.  So how's Contador? "Oh, is English even his second language?"

 - English fans - or English players - still drunk from the World Cup got dressed up in Team Sky kit and then somehow managed to find the HTC bus.  They booed Cav and told him he was "sh*t".  Cav may or may not have shoved their vuvuzelas where they aren't likely to blow anymore.  R Downing was heard to have cheered Cav's move.

Bringing down cycling, one rider at a time - unleashed scandal mongrels continues to dog cycling 

Millar - I only tried to reach out to him.  I was just being nice.  Why did he try to bring me down like that?

Basso - I told him, my dog's name is Tarello. But he didn't believe me and persisted with this unexpected attack.   

The culprit:

This guy has also talked in an attempt to relieve his conscience.  This short grab from an interview with Wall Street Journal:

WSJ - so why didn't you talk earlier
Brian - I was dazzled by the strippers tits and the blow.  actually, i'm wasted now.  (giggles)

Phil/Paul Bingo
(Paraphrasing I actually didn't make this up, from last night's coverage)

Paul   - in the last few races we've seen Contador, Astana have been stronger than anyone's giving them credit for.  I think they will be really strong here at the Tour.  Phil?  

Phil - (silence...moves on to next topic)

No surprises
 - Mick Rogers' TDF campaign suffers a blow after Hansen, valuable towards the early climbs for Dodge as well as for Cav crashes out breaking his collarbone.  Even worse for Hansen himself though.  Awesome that he finished the stage, no surprises there too Croc Man.

- People downplayed Petacchi's win.  Rather unfair because looking at the footage from the overhead view, it was an intelligent ride. 


There's a country called Moldova?


"At home, my Mamma Gaudilla turns off the TV in the last kilometres and then turns it on again after the sprint. She's afraid like me." Pettachi

"Adam displayed amazing loyalty to the team today by finishing the race and working extremely hard towards the end," Stapleton.

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