Friday, July 2, 2010

Choosing a fantasy team - rocket science?

After selecting my two teams for two different fantasy comps with a little bit of analysis and a little bit of ‘oh just pick someone already’, I asked some people how they choose their teams. Below I consider or experiment with some of the methods I was told about:  

1. I don’t do them they do my head in
Probably should’ve listened to her advice, as yes, sometimes they do mine in too

2. Hottitude/bums
Last year a tweep chose her fantasy team purely based on riders’ bums she liked. This year she’s choosing them based on the 'hottitude' above the bum region (maybe) and based on her fave riders.

If I used this method, I would have a team of big sprinters and roleurs because skinny bike riders don’t have the kind of bums I like. Although if I’m watching a time trial and the guys are wearing white or black skin suits, then I don’t get so nauseous. However, given the results some of us have with the teams we end up choosing, I'm not giving it a bum rap.

3. Eeny Meeny Myny Mo AKA dip dip dogshit
A tweep got some bagging out for her success in the Giro fantasy league. Another tweep accused her of using the dip dip dogshit method or as it’s more affectionately known at least in Australia, the politically incorrect (or at least the version I learnt growing up from my fairly bigoted grandfather) eeny meeny myny mo.

Wait as I choose a team like that based on the ASO final rider list: Janez Brakjovic, Roman Kreuziger, Anthony Roux, Rinaldo Nocentini, Mark Cavendish, Kevin de Weert, Cyril Gautier, Sebastian Minard, Bram Tankink.

An interesting list, not too shabby.

4. Blindfold pin on it
Again, I will test this method using the ASO list and by scrolling my iphone with my eyes closed I will tap on a name: Thomas Lokvist, Manuel Quinziato, Aleksandr Kuchynski, Levi Leipheimer, Christophe Riblon, Thomas Voeckler, Maarten Tjallingii, Aitor Perez Arrieta, Thomas Rohregger

This way, I get to know riders I’ve never heard of before.

5. SKILLZ  AKA rocket science
The tweep who was bagged out, this is how she responded, I used SKILLZ. 

Whtaever the method, it’s a total crapshoot - even rocket science, I mean look at all the failed launches. 

And it's all just for giggles. In the end I chose my teams based on a mix of riders who could possibly win stages and/or finish in the top 10 of some of the stages. But I could’ve used these methods and had a better chance. Time will tell.

However, I’m off to read up about Aitor Perez Arrieta and I will definitely be keeping a track of the two teams I chose above based on the points scoring system in the two fantasy comps I’m in.

If you're interested in joining these two comps and haven't yet, you still have time I think to enter but you better hurry:

If you want to be in the Twitter Cup mini league for this comp, @ reply @nicodonnell

or join this comp

If you want to be part of the LA GAZZETTA DELLO VELOCAST mini league, after registering and choosing your team, choose to join a mini league and type in the League Code: 30222040.

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  1. I picked Alessandro Ballan because I named my roadie Alessandro without clicking that at the time Ballan was world champ AND rode the same type of bike.

    and I picked Alexandr Pliuschin because he's Moldovan and I used to live in Romania (yes, I was clutching at straws for ideas by this stage!)

    Everyone else was picked on ability, attractiveness or a bit of loyalty (I'm from Geelong, I couldn't have left Evans out of my team).