Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another muddy hero

According to the AROC website, Capital Punishment is a 50km and 100km mountain bike enduro taking in 'the best of the Canberra single tracks including Sparrow Hill, Kowen Forest, Majura Pines, Black Mountain and Mt Stromlo. These famous single tracks will be linked via fire trails with only the minimum necessary bitumen.'

But here’s what my dear dirt addict friend Shane Gill (above) said it REALLY was like:

Should not be called capital punishment but cruel and unusual punishment. By the time you got to our part of the pack we were no longer riding in wet conditions but ploughing through bog. Brought out the Irish ancestry.  Might even finish it next year...

Shane pulled out at the 70km mark while his friend Shep pushed through. I say pulled out – I would never use the words quit or ‘gave up’ around Shane, he’s a top criminal barrister by day and a tough bastard on his bike by night and on weekends. So I’m guessing he knows ‘people.’

But seriously, that's not giving up or quitting, it's just smart!

Making it even 10km in those conditions deserves a chapeau. Do you say chapeau to MTB’ers? Or is that not hard enough?   

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