Monday, May 10, 2010

That's so Giro

'Dam it

After Lance, one of the things Paul Sherwen and Phil Liggett talk about to fill a few hours of commentary is the danger of traffic islands.  Noone must listen to their commentary when they go back to the bus to watch themselves coz apparently traffic islands helped cause lots of damage out there on the 2nd stage of the Giro.  I thought the US had killed more Afghani or Iraqi civilians but it was just the Twitter talk about the stage from riders, fans and journos alike. 


Then there was another major accident 7km out that held up Wiggo and Sastre. 

Marco Pinotti blamed the organisers.  He sniffed the revolution of the workers against their overlords was close and called on a veteran Giro organiser hater tater for at the very least, sympathy:

@lancearmstrong are you missing the drama in Hiring stages? Glad for you that you'll do California
Others like Wiggo and Ted King dealt with it by turning to the works of Margaret Mitchell: 

'Great job from the boys today, shit happens sometimes that's cycling, tommorow is another day'

'+/-10 crashes in final 50km. It's a safe bet that maybe 40% of the peloton hit the deck today. But who's counting. Tom'w is another day!

But Evans seemed to sum it all up and win quote(s) of the day: 

Maybe I'm getting old, but the level of etiquette in the bunch seems to be diminishing. I remember being yelled at by Musseuw as a stagiare (last century!) for passing on the right in the feed. That's how you learn respect...and you don't forget it...   (from his diary)
and this:
"I don't know why everyone was so nervous today. Maybe it's a little bit of inexperience or something where you take a Grand Tour group and put it on these roads, which are a little bit more of the Classics guys' environment."  (A F P)
Cadel's other quote of the day?

Anyway, they awarded a jersey to the best crash avoidance so far, and I got it. Yeah, I's pink and all...but the Italian girls love it!


Greatest impersonation of a Footon-Servetto rider by a Cervelo rider:  Ted King who ended up wearing chaps by the end of the stage...(alas girlfriends, couldn't find a photo)

Where's Wiggo

All the favourites got together for a conference and hardly anyone wanted to be seen as the favourite:
Cadel - I'm so not the favourite, you know how that works out for me....
Vino - I'm not the favourite, that means triple the testing, it's really hard to find a vein these days...
Basso - I'll ask my sister if I'm the favourite
Cunego - The investigation is still pending....
Simoni - I'm too old...
Pellizotti - If I was allowed to ride, I wouldn't be the favourite either
Sastre - OK fellas, I'll be the favourite...fellas...
Wiggo - f*k you doping bastards, you didn't even ask me along, I'm so the favourite...


As noone feared, Wiggo didn't let the results of the UK elections get to him and took out the Time Trial.   But unlike Anthony Tan predicted, it wasn't a smashing.  People were more surprised by Bookwalter.  But it's time to shut that Big Medicine Cabinet conspiracy theorists, take a look at his palmares he's only ever done well in prologues/tt's.

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