Friday, May 14, 2010

That's so Giro - Distractions not miscalculations, Greipel in therapy

Miscalculations or distractions?

Some pundits said it was miscalculation by the peloton that lost it for the sprinters yesterday.  That sort of takes away from the 'we won't sit up and wait for you in last kilometre' attitude of the breakaways. But Couch has another theory - the sprinters didn't factor because of distractions.

Robbie still had this on his mind:

Hendo and the team could only think about this:

And Greipel,well he was fresh from a therapy session:

Psychologist:  using the Shrek and Donkey dolls Andre, I want you to show me how Cav made you feel
Andre: Oh good choice that's a funny movie. Andre can't get sad about that. It's not my favourite movie though
Psychologist: Yes, we've talked about that haven't we, it's American Flyers isn't it, I remember
Andre: Good job doc. 
Psychologist: I'm not a Doc.
Andre: Bloody scheizer HTC!
Psychologist: OK Andre, when you're ready.

(Andre takes the dolls and holds them up)

Andre as Donkey (in perfect Eddy Murphy impersonation: You cut me deep, Cav
Andre in perfect Manx accent: "I'M SHREK??!!! F*k off. Look at yourself man, you're f*king Shrek
Greipel as Greipel: OK Cav, I'll change it for you, I am after all the second best sprinter in the world

Greipel in perfect Shrek impersonation: That'll do Cav, that'll do
Donkey: (in perfect Manx accent):  (CRYING) I'M DONKEY??  Why did you say that?  You know I'm sensitive about my teeth.  Oh man, the pain in me teeth, cut me deep.
(Greipel as Donkey as Cav assumes foetal position on ground) Mummy. 
(Greipel as Greipel still in foetal position): I WANT TO GO TO PARIS!!
Psychologist - who are you now Andre?   Um, maybe you should choose something else now.
(Andre grabs a women's magazine with Prince Harry on it and a nice flashy toy train.)
Psychologist - Interesting why did you choose that?
Andre - They're what I really need and want.  But they're in California. Stapleton!
Psychologist - I get the train, but Prince Harry
Andre - well who do you think he looks like?

Psychologist says as Andre starts to run the train into his HTC phone as if to smash it: O....K....think that's all we got time for today. 

Quote of the Day:

"I was thinking of all the Japanese people who are watching the Giro d'Italia on J-Sport," he said. "This was my main source of motivation. I could imagine everyone in Japan shouting while I accelerated towards the finish. It gave me a lot of strength."

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