Tuesday, March 16, 2010

That's So Couch

Tales from the Sky Bus

“Wow guys, great effort!  You did great today, you all found the bus in the car park…that’s a marginal gain of eight seconds on yesterday, must be that strobe light and the Sky++…. EBH…THERE IS NO BATHROOM.”

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Tell me, what is worse:

A. that Versus put a poll on its website asking whether Contador should’ve been disqualified for becoming unclipped during a stage of Paris-Nice

B. or that 39% said yes he should’ve been

Thankfully, this poll has been pulled from the website.  But maybe the damage has already been done.  Especially if you go here and see what kind of bent the commentary was alleged to have- check out especially what Rides like a Girl wrote about it.  I bet those who switched from Direct TV when Versus no longer was on it, are happy they don't have to put up with that kind of commentary anymore, now that Versus is back on Direct.  Think I’m going to turn down the TDF commentary this year in Oz.

Lance a lot – a lot

Border Security
Oops someone dropped the ball in Lance’s yes/no entourage getting stuck for a time at the South African airport because there were no pages left in his passport. I blame Impey, his one job - the reason he was allowed on the jet - was to handle everything passport for Lance.  The problem was solved but not until after Lance did his very own impersonation of an economy class passenger chucking a mental at airport security staff for something that was only their job.  Kinda like what he did to AC after Stage 17, TDF 09.   

Anyway, he finally got some new pages for his Texan themed passport and he posted them on Twitter:


No, I’m not talking about this widely posted and interesting article, but something else afoot in the world of cycling. At first after his recent performances, I thought Lance might be faking it, you know, trying to play mind games because they worked so well last year. But I knew I was wrong when I saw on Twitter that newly converted Mellow Johnny Graham Watson noticed Lance WAS REALLY suffering in the Murcia TT.

So there’s only one conclusion - Vaughters sent Allen Lim to Radioshack not to help, but to sabotage.

My proof? "I've spent the last two months with Lance,” Lim said. This directly correlates to Lance’s performances. Sure, Lance's TT with the ironman was under Lim's watch, but secret information was blacked out from that result.  Apparently, Lim’s using Armstrong as “his guinea pig for a team-wide plan”. Levi is s*it scared as his form has been pretty good of late. He therefore must have managed to stay away from Lim so far. Hang on, maybe not anymore, Levi's form started to slip at Paris-Nice later in the week, and Armstrong finished 9th – ‘competitive’ said most of the cycling press - in Cape Argus, maybe Armstrong might win MSR if Lim’s off his back now.

Lim added “now it's about making that trickle down to the rest of the team."

Watch out Klumpy (Kloden), sounds like you're next.

I can just see it now - Vaughters laughing maniacally as he polishes all of the framed Toto prints of himself.

Twit’s so couch

Another merchandising clause revealed in BMC rider contracts, Cadel’s stuff: first Frei now Hincapie: “Just finished @CadelOfficial book."close to flying" really enjoyed reading it. Check it out....”

Wiggins all about the brands now he’s at Sky:

“Off to watch Chelsea at The bridge with the family courtesy of those lovely people at Sky” (oooh, how ironic)
And this wasn’t in the airport so he wasn’t even forced to go there:

“Sat having coffee in starbucks on castle st, Liverpool with Mrs”
Then these too:

My little boy is flying his patriotic flag this morning wearing his full England away strip 12:45 AM Mar 13th via mobile web

Blimey, this eurovision lark is amazing! 1:59 PM Mar 12th via mobile web

BA Lounge in Manchester airport with the kids running a muck!
It’s understandable, if he stayed at Garmin, all he’d have is a pair of those glasses that stay dark well after you go inside out of the sun.  Not cool. Marginal gains.


  1. I love your blog! Today's post was on the spot..

  2. Thanks for the comment dioporko!!

  3. I think I found your blog either through a post or tweet from Mr. Lambstrong or maybe from Bianchista. I'm not sure. I'm lucky to have caught it when it wasn't to much work to go through the archives..

    Thank you for the comments on my photos, I'm far from a pro with the camera.