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That's So Couch 19 March 2010

The Cycling Rivalries

1.   Cav  v   Pozatto

Two metrosexuals head to head for quotable quote about MSR:

Pozzato (on his Cycling News blog)
I know some people think San Remo is boring because we ride for 300km and then everything happens in the last 20 minutes but that's like saying foreplay is boring. You can't have a great finale without foreplay! 
Cavendish (to Cycling Weekly)

San Remo is not about climbing, it is about resilience. You don't have to be a climber to win San Remo, you have to be resilient. It's about suffering. And you can't suffer without training. I can't suffer, that's the thing.

It is a shame that I can't go in saying 'I want to win, I want to win.' That would have been the nicest thing. I love it, it is my favourite one day race. Just how the story unfolds, for me, for the others sprinters, for the climbers, for the spectators: it is the tension, the build up to the finish. 'They will or they won't', 'they will or they won't' all the way to the finish, for the last 100K, that is the great thing about it."

"It is so easy sometimes to pop.. "Milano-San Remo is a f*****g hard race.
One, an Italian using foreplay as a simile for MSR, the other, a Manx Man using MSR as a metaphor for foreplay.

2. Garzelli v Scarponi

"It's crazy, you'd never believe it, it's like a film, but I had nothing to lose, and today I was rewarded for my two runner-up places in the sprints," said Garzelli.

Scarponi "This is the first time this has happened to me, and it doesn't give me a great deal of pleasure." (a f p) 


3. Cadel v Alberto

Cadel - posted March 18th - A day in the life of a pro rider: 7h photos and travelling...

Posted March 16th - I spend many hours of suffering in the saddle

Spot the Difference

Twitter - on Tuesday 16th March 2010, @grahamwatson10 said:

@trek60, I don't think Alberto has the ruthlessness in him to try that, nor the right entourage to guide him. His motivation might be a lack of start money in Catalunya, and a wish to embed him and Astana with ASO prior to the Tour; Astana needs an invite as well. There are already rumours that salaries are unpaid, that Contador might need to play up to ASO to get into the Tour...on another team.

Lance - a few times now (Velonation this one) 

“And the rest I do not think is from Alberto,” he continued, “but the people around him. If you ask anyone else who has been in contact with that group. It is the first time that I say this: be careful with his entourage.  
But Graham sure did tell/start some juicy rumours to a complete stranger. The juiciest rumour Graham alludes to is that Alberto obviously must be aware of doping on his team, seeing as ethical reasons (i.e. doping) is the only instance – other than ASO’s general zaniness – that ASO can stop one of the guaranteed 16 ProTour teams riding in 2010 (under September 2008 agreement between UCI and ASO). Unless the ASO’s zaniness clause covers exclusion for past doping, and therefore Vino’s reputation doth proceed him. All I can say is that it’s a lucky thing Armstrong’s reputation also proceeds him or going on current performances, Radioshack would never get an invite.  Graham might not be enthused about Alberto's performance 6 days out of the 7 at Paris-Nice, but Astana hasn't exactly been stuck in Loserville. 

You can get some of the pictures Graham takes while he analyses all the racing backwards - including his critical analysis that Astana dragged AC through the TTT in the 09 TDF (wha? protect your leader's legs, no!!) - by going to his online shop:

Guns Don't Kill People, Alberto's fingers do

According to quite a few US cycling fans on forums and blogs Couch read this week, they hate, yes, hate - not even concede like Lance and Johan he’s a class above - Alberto because….wait for it…. they think he’s so into killing because of the pistol salute and therefore is bad for cycling. Is this for serious? Lame-o salute yes, but hateful of life?

Well, darn, how long ‘til the NRA is after him offering endorsements? They were in talks with Tiger, but he kept getting this quote wrong in preliminary meetings “this is my rifle, and this is my gun” by both times grabbing his crotch.

What harm would there be in AC saying yes?  He could get so many red necks into cycling. They might not try to run you over, but alas, they could try to shoot at you with their finger.  #conflicted

Twit's and blog's so couch 

After not hearing any progress from Wiggins about this for a a couple of weeks: 
also met my nutritionist who has given me a pot of green powder, in his words "it will make you piss like a donkey for days" 12:39 AM Mar 3rd
it's good to hear that it's finally made it through his system:
I'm on my death bed tonight with the two-bob-bits! about 6 hours ago via web (mar 18th)
 Any wonder he was all clogged up if this is Sky's diet (as posted by Sunderland)

 Chris Horner does what most Americans do when they visit Europe, sniff out the nearest Maccas:

Luckily for me, there was a McDonald's close by, and yes, I definitely hit it up! I ordered the full menu (biggest combo available in Europe) plus another burger and hot fudge sundae, then I went back to hotel for a big salad with the team at dinner
Bonnie D Ford, rather than try to take on the un-take on able RT’d an article by Jim Caple from last year about Tyler Farrer’s Dad. Well worth reading.

Lance-a-lot a lot

- Lance allows only one day for the wearing of green, not black and yellow "Happy St Patrick's Day to you all. Wearing green?"

- Lance was too busy boosting a shock sports jock’s ratings by admirably fighting for cyclists and missed a chance to RIP a rock star, from a band who I would find it hard to believe with his awesome music taste (I'm serious) he wouldn’t have on his ipodphone. Alex Chilton, from Big Star.

To finish up, I leave you with a rare Couch love song and dedications:

Big Star - Thirteen from Warren Deans on Vimeo.

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