Friday, February 12, 2010

That's so couch - 12 Feb 2010

Updates from the cycling rivalries

#1 - Armstrong v Vaughters

Armstrong tweeted this about Vaughters:

and this was the comment:

#2 Armstrong v Contador


PRO/EURO/naturally gifted
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#3 - Abbott v Rudd

The annals of Kevin Rudd, PM of Australia 10.2.10

Dearest Diary,

Flamin' heck - (Australian) Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott's been at it again. Well the galah's only gone and challenged me to a nine-day cycling duel from Melbourne to Sydney in April.  

Of course, there have been obvious jokes made among the cycling tweeps about chamois cream.  I've heard all the political bromance talk before folks - Hockey (another Opposition politican) and I've been there,done that when we were awesome and walked the Kokoda track. Here's a photo from those happy times:

Remember that scene from Planes, Trains and Automobiles "Those aren't pillows."   Well, we very nearly reenacted that. It gets scary in the PNG jungle - of course we snuggled. 

But I feel just like Marty in Back to the Future when he gets called chicken/yeller. Tempted to join Abbott. I have however just a few issues:
1. Labor has got its own cracking policies for reducing the gap. I even read out some statistics this week showing how I'm slowly closing it already. Will doing this ride make my stats look like spin and that I need a charity to fill a gap to close the gap?  But maybe the Aboriginal people have a point when they say they can't eat statistics?*
2. Promoting cycling for cycling's sake? Pfft. Are Lance/Cadel going to be there?
3. How will I constantly push my glasses back up on my nose AND hold the handle bars?  Maybe Swanny
    could tandem?
4. I'm not sure I can ride a bike.
5. Abbott's all lean, fit and bony, how can I snuggle up with THAT?  It will be just like after Therese lost all
    her weight.  :-(

Has that Rolling Stone cover come out yet? Oh DZ nuts, I'll tell the team tomorrow I'll do it but only if Sunrise cover it. 

More tales from inside the Sky Bus

So this is what a bored Scott Sunderland likes to get up to:

Not treat cats badly, but read Mark Twain. Or is this quote just off one of those desk calendars? Probably. Anyway, maybe he's alluding to a new training technique for the boys: ride like that in the crosswinds again and I'll..... 

Tour of Ouch-Ah

Whose collarbone is this: 
1. Gerald Ciolek
2. Kirk Carlsen
3. Steven Cozza
4. Kurt Asle-Arvesen
5. Just some guy's - random pic from Google images.

Other couchy things from pro cycling this week:

Milan San Remo Organisers to ban breastfeeding at the event: Ricco's team not invited.

Tit for Cravat:
"(Sky) They're not a popular team within the world of pro cycling, they're not really respected,"
David Millar
"It's easy for Dave to sit down and say that now because a year ago he was ready to come to this team [Sky] and be part of it."
Bradley Wiggins

Couchiest Alliteration headline: Farrar flummoxed by four flats in Qatari finale Stephen Farrand

Couchiest quote from journalist/microblogger - (Stage 2, Tour of Qatar) An echelon bashfest in the desert. Nicholas O'Donnell

*quote from blackfellas

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  1. Hilarious as usual, Ms Couch. How did you know Back to the Future was my fave (well, second fave) movie ever? We could've done without that nudie shot of Joe though, ew! And the thought of cuddling up to Abbott is nearly as awful as the thought of cuddling up to Therese after she lost that weight...triple ew!!!