Friday, February 26, 2010

That's so couch - the Michelob Ultra version

Packing/moving so this is a mished up mashed up ‘liter’ version of That’s So Couch with a few Still(s) from the Sofa (sorry about the Ozcentricness) and seriousness thrown in. In honour of the beer’s biggest drinker, I mention him more than once – apologies.

Couchiest quote from journo/blogger/microblogger

He's made it here before, that's because the guy can express his velo love so well, even in 140 characters. Nic O'Donnell who I follow on Twitter has been waiting patiently for his new Baum to arrive after his other bike cracked months ago. It's been hard to watch sometimes as he's had a couple of let downs on the way and a bashed body from going back to an older bike. This week it finally arrived. He tweeted as it was built, but this is my fave:

‘…(the) welds are jewel-like. Paint job is luscious. Immaculately finished.'

Armstrong proves my mum’s always right

As a kid when I looked for things, I’d search hard for about 30 seconds then whinge to Mum “I can’t find it, it’s not here.” She’d wander over patiently and in a flash, pull out what I was looking for, which had been sitting under my nose the whole time just at the bottom of the draw. She’d then utter her favourite line in mockery “If it’s not on the top, it’s not there,” a saying which then became ingrained in the Lee dialect.

Lance reminded me of Mum’s saying this week with this tweet:

“Interesting to read the British press in light of the first ever HGH positive w/ a rugby (sic) player here. Nowhere in the paper…#doublestandard And in reply to someone questioning him as to how he found out about it, he said he discovered it: ‘on cycling sites.’

I mean, how dare he question the integrity of the British press? There’s never been any evidence before to do that! After vaguely remembering I thought I’d actually saw this in the Guardian first anyway, not a cycling site I follow, I went looking for myself. Here’s a few examples after my search in Google, although admittedly, I had to scroll down a bit on the first results page: and and  and

While I agree with Lance that cycling get its unfair share of scrutiny and derision when it comes to doping, he is totally and utterly wrong on this occasion. Why does it bug me? Because it’s been RT’d by so many of his followers who are also too dumb to use a search engine. In a week when the Coles took centre stage in the UK press, and because it’s a sport so low in popularity compared to football, this is awesome coverage. It’s not only a case of ‘if it’s not on the top, it’s not there,’ but yet another case of ‘if Lance didn’t see it, it didn’t happen.’ And thousands of his followers went about their day thinking that the UK didn’t take this issue seriously at all. God I hope he doesn’t go for President. Would you want the launch codes in his and JB’s hands?

This week's cycling rivalries - all about Lance 

Lance v Wiggo

Wiggins ‘....heated towel on my nut sack for massage, bloody great!'

Lance 'bro, you're (just) paid to say that.'

Lance v Vaughters

Maybe Lance has called a truce because I thought Lance blocked Vaughters on twitter – but here he is even retweeting him and feeling free to comment on his parenting:

“Classy. RT @Vaughters: I taught my son the word "shart" today about 4 hrs after eating at Wendys. Ah, the joys of fatherhood.”

Lance v Contador
(beating a Tri Ironman)


(beating The Shack)

Still(s) from the Sofa



@Cycleopspower – followed Cervelo Test Team around on the cobbles during testing before the Omloop. Check out the other photos on Twitter.


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