Friday, February 26, 2010

That's so couch - the Michelob Ultra version

Packing/moving so this is a mished up mashed up ‘liter’ version of That’s So Couch with a few Still(s) from the Sofa (sorry about the Ozcentricness) and seriousness thrown in. In honour of the beer’s biggest drinker, I mention him more than once – apologies.

Couchiest quote from journo/blogger/microblogger

He's made it here before, that's because the guy can express his velo love so well, even in 140 characters. Nic O'Donnell who I follow on Twitter has been waiting patiently for his new Baum to arrive after his other bike cracked months ago. It's been hard to watch sometimes as he's had a couple of let downs on the way and a bashed body from going back to an older bike. This week it finally arrived. He tweeted as it was built, but this is my fave:

‘…(the) welds are jewel-like. Paint job is luscious. Immaculately finished.'

This week's cycling rivalries - all about Lance 

Lance v Wiggo

Wiggins ‘....heated towel on my nut sack for massage, bloody great!'

Lance 'bro, you're (just) paid to say that.'

Lance v Vaughters

Maybe Lance has called a truce because I thought Lance blocked Vaughters on twitter – but here he is even retweeting him and feeling free to comment on his parenting:

“Classy. RT @Vaughters: I taught my son the word "shart" today about 4 hrs after eating at Wendys. Ah, the joys of fatherhood.”

Lance v Contador
(beating a Tri Ironman)


(beating The Shack)

Still(s) from the Sofa



@Cycleopspower – followed Cervelo Test Team around on the cobbles during testing before the Omloop. Check out the other photos on Twitter.


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