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That's so Couch - 19 February 2010

What's a photographer to do?

Faced with a Valentine’s Day on his own, cycling photographer Graham Watson comforted himself with his back catalog:

(from Graham Watson's twitter account and twitpic)

He said to Lance via Twitter “was better in Late Travis TX, no.? About 17 years ago..."  *sigh*

Which way to the beach?  Gert says "I'll show you."

Another guy who will have trouble forgetting a shoot is poor Joel Felicio:

(joel felicio twitter)

Even more embarassing...(poor guy) - skip to about 4mins in:


Mcquaid elected as member of IOC

'My new role will extend beyond cycling and my objective is to replicate the success of the IOC's working relationship with the UCI which has contributed significantly to the enhanced professionalism and globalisation of cycling while also resulting in the introduction of new Olympic disciplines.' Pat McQuaid on Paraphrased: this pretty much means he vows to do to all of the Olympics what he did to Olympic track cycling. Which, for some reason involved scrapping an event in both genders that is often the only reason why people may tune in the first place.

Could the Summer Olympics one day include some of these events on the programme:
Athletics: all events, including the 100m and 200m – to be scrapped except for the field events and the decathlon – men’s and women’s - and the marathon.
Fencing stays – but athletes must quote Shakespeare as they lunge.
Triathlon: distance changed to Ironman – not only boring, but could give Lance shot at hanging around even longer in sports.
Synchronised swimming - in a bid for gender equality, men’s synchronised swimming will be introduced and conducted in the place of the 50m,100m and 200m swimming races.
Replace table tennis with a pub sports triathlon: darts, snooker and scotch egg & spoon racing. McQuaid has to be careful here, he might lose an audience in Asia, but could gain high UK TV ratings.
For all the talk about gender equality, women’s road cycling probably won’t be in the programme - they are after all losing events like flies.

Who owns these pearly whites? 

We'll all be dying to see how different they look when Ruta del Sol starts. They'll have to be - what takes that long to fix? Were they grown from stem cells? 

Tales from the Sky Bus 

1. Scott Sunderland tweeted this pic about the cleaning of the Sky bus.


2. Overheard in Oman:

EBH: Why were you guys soft-pedalling? That jersey was mine.

The DS: (they've all been reading from the same desk calendar): ‘ask not what News Corp can do for you, but what you can do for NewsCorp….and EBH…next time when your DS gives an order, you listen – wear the incontinence pants…your bunkmate told us what happened at training camp..."

What could you spend $1.8m on?

It’s reported in many places on the web that WADA has spent nearly $1.8m against Landis. Is it money well spent? Consider what can $1.8m buy you:
- 1 x Rapha kit
- approx. 1 x payment to get the rider you want out of his existing contract
- 0.5 x lab technician’s loyalty – any side
- a few up and coming riders developed
- 25 x Papp’s $80,000 stash
- 7.2 x $250,000 – amount Lance donated to Haiti
- new teeth for any UK rider who wanted them
- a few car wash franchises
- pay Floyd's supporters back
- approx 36,000 bicycles to donate via

Papp smeared?

So Joe Papp had all the usual suspects fooled. Joe Papp? Remember, he was that guy who gave a testimony for WADA about the therapeutic benefits of steroidy gel rubbed on the thighs (let’s hope they’re not wearing red bib shorts!). You see, it aids in recovery. This therefore was a given to explain Floyd going from 8m.08s down on s16 to climbing back up to 3rd on st 17.  And that testosterone can make that much difference to someone’s performance overnight. Joe couldn’t give names, but gave this description of one offender he'd seen to the court illustrator – here’s the final drawing:

But Papp implores his new found buddies to not let his past smuggling/trafficking ways undo all the work he’s done. He says it’s in the past, he regrets it and that it was bad timing given the Floyd warrant palaver. He genuinely has a disdain for doping and wants to continue the fight. He also said his silence was because he had this cooking with the government and something is still cooking. A list of names? Believe him guys, after all, he's got a blue bike pure band on his avatar. 
Lance v Vaughters - part deux

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