Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The seconds dropped,but the UCI's scilling hasn't

We all know Jack Bobridge rode himself to the third fastest time ever today in the 4km individual pursuit (IP) with a 4.14.427. Actually, I prefer to say it is the fastest time ever. What's with this "Jack's time was effectively fastest ever" business? Did Oscar Pereiro "effectively" win the 2006 tour?  I don't think so. Rules are rules baby! Jack's ours and so is the fastest ever IP time damn it.  You British - not only do you have a pro team, you can call your cyclists Sir - what more do you want? 

So yes, Bobby smashed 'em.  But let's also quickly look at a few other rides from today:
- Dale Parker broke the World Record for the U19 3km pursuit - 3min13.958sec
- 19 year old Rohan Dennis qualified for the 4km with 4:15.764
- Despite being beaten by Sarah Kent in the final, Ashlee Ankudinoff rode the fastest time in qualifying and shaved nine seconds off her PB finishing with 3min34.769sec.  Kent's time too was impressive with 3min37.442sec in the final.

And that's just the Australian national track championships. Such depth exists in the IP around the world.  I don't want to mention what's his name's mini me, but yes, even him. Not just world records, but young riders slashing seconds - not just tenths of seconds - off their PBs.  They are all young, talented and in the case of many of the Australians today,tired from a long season or just picking up their form for the new one. Imagine what these guys and girls could do peaking for an Olympic Games. Imagine the duels; and the expectations and excitement fans will store up for the next two and a bit years, only to scream it out at their heroes in the London velodrome.

Sporting records and fast times impress the world, especially when the world is watching.  Besides that, the IP is arguably and traditionally the track's signature event. But the UCI/Turtur/Pat McQuaid are as stubborn as the bull on the Irish scilling on this one - they plan to keep people glued to the telly with the omnium - cycling's so called decathlon equivalent - and the team sprint. 

So in memoriam for Boardman's record which will one day really fall, and the IP's removal from the Olympic Games, here's a video of Superman flying for 4.11secs:

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