Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Master of my domain: Cadelentine's Day

Well, there was a resounding silence to my call for you to share Cadel love in honour of a)Valentine's Day and b) Cadel's 33rd birthday.  So, master of my domain I went searching for just a few pics.

This year, Cadel returns to the Giro.  He last rode it in 2002 when he wore the pink jersey for a day. There's only one thing I want to see more than Cadel in yellow (or rainbow) - and that's Cadel in pink - on the final day that is and on the top step of the podium. 

And then came a couple of injury filled years at T-Mobile.  And politics.  Click here for an interview conducted just before he started at Lotto. 


I was so proud of Cadel this day - 2nd in the Tour in 2007.

And this day too (TDF 2008 2nd overall):

I cried when I saw this picture:

(a f p?)

And this one:

(the australian)

Loved seeing the rainbow, and Cadel riding so well at the TDU this year.

Ever since the Worlds and his announcement of his move to BMC, Cadel instantly became a lighter rider, ridding himself of the, by then, dysfunctional relationship with Omega-Pharma Lotto. 

A new Cadel, a new attitude....and getting on so well with his BMC teammates.  In the TDF 2009, George joined Fabian in chastising and chasing Cadel, now....buddies...awww: 


Really looking forward to cheering on Cadel again in 2010. 


  1. It's a funny thing, but dear "little Cadel" (in unison with high-pitched voices) does not make me go at all wobbly at the knees, like, say.....for example Mick Rogers does. I hasten to add that I do nevertheless hugely admire him. Hugely. He deserves a much better year after all the Lotto nonsense. And on the subject of birthdays, I heard NOT A WORD from any of you bastards out there when I sent out 4 (yes 4) birthday tweets for Mick's 30th last december. Nor did I hear a word from the birthday boy himself. Maybe cyclistst just don't do birthdays. Anyway, happy birthday boys, and we expect big things from both of you this year. Love from the girls.

  2. oh dear, he doesn't do it for me either. it was just a "admiring" post. also, skinny rider's upper bodies don't do it for me at all...shudder