Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cadelentine's Day


After a casual 30 second Google search on Valentine’s Day it doesn’t seem like there’s any real reason to associate the origin(s) of the day with sending stuffed teddies to the person we’re stalking, and/or, taking our partners out to dinner on the 14th February. In the light of that, and as an up yours gesture to Hallmark and capitalism, I propose a renaming to Cadelentine’s Day. It  also happens to be Cadel’s birthday!

Don’t sit at home, bitter about being lonely, or, in a relationship where the other person says “I don’t need a special day, I show you love/woo you everyday” before he/she farts reaching for another beer. Instead, share links to your favourite photos, videos, quotes and other Cadel lovin’ by posting them in the comments screen below so we can all enjoy them all in one place on February 14.

I'll kick things off with link to this cool blog 

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