Sunday, January 31, 2010

From the bean bag - observations of high brow/low brow moments of the past few weeks (orig posting Oct 19 2009)

I miss my bike. I miss my couch. I miss my flat. I miss Canberra.

For various reasons,we haven't fully moved our stuff. Until then,I probably won't feel more at home in this temporary rental property I jokingly call Disney Dad Bachelor Pad.

And for a couple of weeks too we didn't have a set top box so I missed One's broadcast of the first highbrow moment.

Cadel. Cadel. Cadel. Of course I stayed up late for the tweets and later read all the reports but until I saw the last ten minutes on YouTube and him driving it those closing kilometres,I didn't comprehend just how awesome it was. I don't think I've seen a sweeter ride,well,at least not that I can remember right now in my patriotic haze. It was perfect execution by the team: Rogers in a breakaway, Gerrans (10th himself) there til almost the end,Stuey bringing Cadel back to the front. It was also good to know Gilbert helped him stop Fabian-sucked in,take that,that was for your throw the rattle out of pram moment at the TDF.

Cadel is highbrow for other reasons too. E.g. for the podium at the Vuelta. After seemingly twhingeing for days,I didn't think he'd pull himself together as he hasn't much in the past when he's in a huff. But he did! Then he paid back Gilbert by riding for him at Lombardia. Looks like he and Silence are learning a lot about a)winning b) teamwork.

More highbrow:

TDF Organisers: For the 2010 route.Firstly,thank goodness there's no TTT. I like TTT but did not like what it did to 09's TDF. Secondly, COBBLES!! Lastly, lots of Tourmalet.

Cyclingtips blog for the two posts on the Magda situation. Balanced. Also,for personal insight into the HST and the Rapha team. Now THAT's bringing the racing to us fans.

CyclingCentral: honourable mention for Magda piece. Talked too about what will bring real change.

The Low-brow

Magda-for taking the Spearman Experiment gig. Otherwise she wouldn't have been pimping herself on GNW as directed by the Ten publicity department and participating in a scripted topic for improv-the cycling rant. It was quite obviously a joke and I didn't feel incited against like some would've by Alan Jones around the time of the Cronulla riots,nor do I think people will open their car doors on me in the name of Magda,but it doesn't matter.

She was wrong and offended people; those who can't ride anymore because of mirror attitudes out there and those who are afraid they won't be able to ride anymore. She was wrong,let's not get all 'we're soooo PC these days' and say it wasn't as bad as black face.

Cycling Twitter lynch mobs: a)your reactions dont make me feel safer on the bike b)Did Dennis Ferguson move into the neighbourhood?

Reactions to Magda from some high profile Australian elite cycling community members: they inserted the obvious fat joke. That also doesnt make me feel any safer on my bike. Thought I was following NRL players there for a moment.
Maybe cyclists hear such things in places like T-Mobile booze cruises. Kohl is the next low brow. Not just for his insight into life with Vino (what? boys out together drink lots? No?!), but for his insight into cycling generally. Apparently, cycling is (insert Elmer Fudd voice) very very hard. In the cold,AND in the heat. Oh yeah, and he also revealed that domestiques are important for GC TDF riders. Hold the phone!

Acronyms-dopers are still the winners when UCI and AFLD publicly embarass themselves. Extra mention for the whole 'there are more TDF08 dopers...hang on,no there's not,but isnt a coincidence we scheduled this con-ference around the launch of the TDF2010 route' thing AFLD had going on.

Cluedo-esque behaviour of Le Monde et al- it was Lance,in the hotel room,with the syringe full of Michelob Ultra.

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