Sunday, July 5, 2009

UPDATE: Tom Torpedoes into the Tour

It was sad watching first hand – via SBS coverage last night – the disappointment etched into Allan Davis’ ochre coloured face. In arguably the best form of his career so far, Davis was on the team then he wasn’t, then he was at the team’s presentation, then he was again not on the team once Boonen was cleared. When SBS talked to him, he was packing to come home to Australia to consider his next steps.

While Cadel made a valid point that it was unfair Alby was missing out because of the actions of others, Phil Ligget made an equally good point that Alby probably should’ve been picked for the team anyway as lead-out for Boonen.

I can’t help thinking Boonen genuinely feels bad about it all too. Boonen when stopped by the media and asked about Davis, Boonen said.."I’m on my way to him now…he best friend in cycling." I hope there's no hard feelings.

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