Friday, July 3, 2009

Tour de Couch’s road to Astana* Queasy Town – milestone #1

(From my Pre Tour Diary - June 15, 2009)

Twitter, June 15, Levi Leipheimer posts a link to video about how awesome his team is (see above or go to link). Don’t bother watching it and I don’t know why I even got to third of the way in. It’s basically Hitler in his war room with his generals saying that not only is Lance powerful and strong, but LA is bringing Contador and Leipheimer too, so they (Hitler etc) should just all quit and go home. Before he reaches that conclusion though, there's also a few choice comments made about conspiring with the UCI etc and doping controls to try and scupper Astana's plans.

I don't know who Hitler is supposed to represent. The French press? That French Sports Minister? Or am I looking for too much meaning? Possibly.

Hitler also says that because he is so frickin’ awesome Lance can impregnate women with just his eyes. Well, he’d have to use his eyes because he tweeted this today: “I’m still frigid.”**

(* The team Lance rides for, for the uninitiated)
(** this may be an incomplete quote)

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