Friday, July 10, 2009

Stage 6: Thor roars, Mick winces

(from AP)

I could tell you about Thor roaring over the line on Montjuic and how Millar almost won himself the stage and the yellow jersey after a breakaway. I could also tell you about the Millar, Txurruka, Chavanel and Auge breakaway and how Cadel Evans got amongst the bunch at the end, finishing 9th.

But there was only one piece of news from Stage 6 that concerns me, and that’s the crash of Mick Rogers.

He fell on a roundabout with 8km to go after it appeared he was caught up in Oz-German Heinrich Haussler’s slip. He clutched his hip and shook his arm – it did NOT look good. I thought, “no, not another abandon for our Mick.”

It would be a long wait for news of his condition. I started to get upset at the images in my mind of 2007. I tried to take encouragement from Phil/Paul and Mike saying that he wasn’t listed as an abandon, so he must’ve ridden home.

And he did! News came that about 13 mins later he rolled home. To steal a line from Phil/Paul, he “opened his suitcase of courage.” That’s our Mick!!

He tweeted this about his condition “Thanks to all for your kind wishes. Feeling ..very sore after todays crash but nothing broken. See you on the start line tomorrow.”

According to Columbia, Rogers has hurt his elbow and hip but x-rays show no breaks. The elbow is sure to take some pain as the peloton heads up the mountains. Now down by 14:46, it looks like Rogers will just look to finish and once he heals a bit more, ride hard for Cav and Kirchen. I hope he can make it.

Cav still in green, Fabian in yellow. Click here for GC.

Tonight I look forward to Andorra.

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