Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Stage 3 Trash Talk and Washup

(from Renshaw's Twitter)
“When you see what the wind is doing and you have a turn (bend) coming up, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out you have to go to the front. I've won the Tour de France seven times, so it makes no sense not to be there." Lance Armstrong

"When the split happened I was riding up to the front with a team-mate and then I ended up in no man's land…So it was better to wait. Ahead, Columbia were very well organised…I do not want to evaluate the tactics of the team, everyone can come to his own conclusions…Anyway, the Tour is not going to be decided with that has happened today." Contador
@markrenshaw1 “Well it don't get much better then that! It goes down in my books as the most crushing team performance iv seen . Great team great mates....”
@mickrogers “Walter our cook whipped up some salmon tonight. Yum. Just jokes. Mick also wrote this “That was awesome! That was the best team effort I've been apart of in 10 years as a pro. Cav did what he's best at.. Winning”
@ghincapie Wow!!! What a day. We crushed it. Still 3 weeks to go though..
@Lancearmstrong At dinner with the team. Despite what some might think, morale is sky high. We're psyched for tomorrow. Gotta love the TTT.
Direct quote from tourdecouch’s head last night “Wow. Haven’t seen something like this in the Tour for a while. Surprise. Geez I love Columbia.”

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