Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The toughest part of watching each stage isn’t lack of sleep, but watching the same ads over and over again. Here’s TourdeCouch’s ratings of some of the ads. All receive one default star for supporting cycling in Australia. Highest is 5.

* Sizzler – Sizzler still exists? OK then, but do I really need health advice from the makers of salmonella and yummy but fattening cheesy bread. Seriously, as they say in the UK, this ad (or series of ads, particularly the career one) is pants. It keeps just its one star.

** Rabobank – guy shaving in the bath. Some people like this ad, it’s not that clever.

*** Specialized –would’ve got four but Fabian’s tantrum lost it a star. Is there also a hint of cellulite on his leg….or am I just seeing things (just jokes). Schleck’s is good though, him saying “I won’t (torture) my body again,” and cycling in the rain. Love it. Good camera work.

* Bike insurance – the “makes sense” thing ensured this would never get more than one.

*** 2XU – would’ve got four stars for close up shots of the guy’s butt, but I’m not THAT shallow, plus guy with bike on his shoulder is a bit geeky.

*** Tour down Under – Australian event, good for cycling here. Ad lost a star though for not having any images of the gap between indigenous and non-indigenous South Australians, the negative effects SA wine has on people, or Woomera* Why? Check this out. (Cheeky shout out to: Seriously though, hate hate hate the song...that’s why it only gets three.

(Carn, even Woomerians are proud – check out their slogan “nothing to get in your way.” Classic!)

*** LG – The first time I saw this ad, I said “Chortle.” After the 60th time I’m feeling like I could soon crack and throw my water bottle at the screen. Just once I wish the Home and Away/geeky kid from the Matrix gets it in the head. Three stars because it started out OK.


  1. Nice effort, but still need customer support re how to endure them cheerily in the 3rd week, some kind of game or competition?'re the creative one.....JUDE

  2. every time that guy says "makes sense", say something nice to your partner/significant person in your life. if that person isn't awake, write a note. I will think of some more...